Our Partners

Northeast has been at the forefront of introducing essential energy services and alternative infrastructure options on a local level within the Ontario market. We understand how to originate cost-effective and reliable infrastructure in close partnership with communities, First Nations and government bodies at all levels and how to obtain crucial regulatory and funding approvals necessary for the projects to proceed.


Our investment partners are primarily providers of long-term private capital who believe that cleaner, more affordable and more resilient infrastructure is fundamental to the creation of a flourishing society.

The stability and certainty of the capital that they invest helps to accelerate the construction of community-critical energy infrastructure and keep a project’s return requirement as low as possible.

Communities and First Nations

We have a proven track record as a trusted partner to communities and First Nations in Ontario. We help them to realize their goals of affordable energy, cleaner energy and more reliable energy for households and businesses.

Our team works closely with local authorities and developers to unlock the potential for infrastructure opportunities at a local level and bring value to the people that our projects serve.


We work closely with government bodies at all levels – federal, provincial and municipal – to support the development of essential infrastructure, particularly in areas where incumbent utilities or the public sector alone have not delivered cost-effective solutions.